The Ultimate Purpose In Life

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“As long as you have breath you have purpose,” Joni Eareckson Tada. What a beautiful revelation! I have often thought of my purpose in life as one very big thing that I will possibly do at some point that will put me in the spotlight and everyone will say yes she has done it, she has not lived in vain! Something I will be candidly remembered for.  In pursuit of finding my purpose, what has been very difficult to deal with is not figuring out what my purpose is.  I have heard some say that your purpose is something you do and it makes you happy even when you are not paid for it but i have not found that for myself, others say it’s something you have always wanted to do, like a dream you have had since childhood, I have also heard a spiritual leader say that find things you love doing every day, concentrate on them and they will lead you to your purpose. Looks like we all have different perspectives when it comes to finding ones purpose in life.

I tend to listen to a variety of podcasts in my own search for the meaning of life and a few weeks ago while listening to some podcast, the speaker said something profound that resonated with my soul instantly…..that ‘we live out our purpose day by day,’ in other words for everyday we have a purpose   however small or insignificant it might seem. He said  if for  example someone has accomplished their “purpose” by the age of 25, should that be the end of their life?, after all what would be the point of living for a few more years if they have already accomplished their purpose on earth? Do you cease to have a purpose in life after you have accomplished that one thing you thought was your ultimate purpose? Interesting, I must say that this really changed my whole view of purpose in life!

There are times I have been tempted to think that my life is meaningless or without purpose because I have not really done something very significant.  However, everyday there are thousands of opportunities to be gentle and kind, to give a helping hand that I have often ignored because I have deemed them not really important while I wait for the “one big thing”.  When Jesus first came to earth 2000 years ago, he spent a lot of time with people who were disabled, whenever he wanted to show up himself like the messiah he did so by helping the blind, the deaf, those who were mentally ill, those who were emotionally disturbed. That is how he spent most of his days, it was really never about him.

I have come to the realization that our purpose in life is not a one off, it’s not found in the big events that happen in our lives but the small little things we do day by day, showing compassion, kindness, giving a helping hand, being gentle to all those around us and every other thing that is true, noble and of good report. We need to place greater value on patience, endurance, tolerance, and self control. I would say our purpose in other words is found in the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I just pray that I should do as much as I often think about these things, not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth. God has blessed us with everything we could possibly need to be of help to another in one way or the other. Not just the material things but with also our physical bodies.  However, when you seem to have everything going well for you you hardly think about God, you don’t turn to him, you don’t think you need him, you have no time for him yet all those things he has given you so that you may become a blessing.

God has a plan for each and every one of us, for every single person in the world he has a personal plan, and he has a plan for the whole of his creation and we are part of the entire creation and can’t extract ourselves from it. The only important thing for us to do in life is to find out minute by minute, what God wants of us and then do it. That is our ultimate purpose. We are never going to see the whole plan but we need to remember that fulfilling the whole plan for us is not just for our personal good, it’s for the good of other people. If I don’t fulfill what God has in mind for me then I will stop something good happening to my neighbor.

“This is a trustworthy saying. And I want you to stress these things, so that those who have trusted in God may be careful to devote themselves to doing what is good. These things are excellent and profitable for everyone.”  Titus 3:8


Where I Find Beauty

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I once saw a young girl of mixed blood in Tanzania, Morogoro in the fields of a monastery, this girl,  whom by all standards i would refer to as beautiful was holding a small camera in her tiny beautiful hands trying to take a picture of a rose flower in the wee hours of the morning. I stood and stared for quite a moment.

I have come across very many beautiful faces that are somewhat are wonder, but there is still a lack and a dissatisfaction that i find in the beauty of a mere man. It is, but only for a moment. When i look back at that young girl, i see myself, not as the beauty that she was, but someone trying to behold the beauty of a rose flower. I find beauty in utterances that are not my language, i find beauty in the wind blowing against my face as i stare into the skies blue or grey, i find beauty in the trees that dance and the birds that sing the music that speaks to the soul.

I find beauty in the plain green fields every time i board a bus upcountry, the quietness that surrounds them and the virgin air, the smile from the stranger by the roadside, I find beauty in both the rain and the sun. I see God in every created thing, and indeed it is all beautiful. I find true beauty in a man that knows God and honors him.

Makerere University Timeline

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Makerere University Kampala (MUK) is Uganda’s largest and third-oldest institution of higher learning. This is a timeline story about MUK listed with over 30 major history events.

Projeqt – Makerere University

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This is a profile about Makerere University laying out its good and attributes; socially, economically, politically and academically.

Not My Life Anymore

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Two years ago something extraordinary happened to me, tears rolled down my cheeks relentlessly and for the first time in my life i believed, i believed in something deeper, something more beautiful, gracious, loving, kind, peaceful, one that i cannot put into description with mere words. It’s the touch , the feeling, the love and the satisfaction that it brought to my heart that made the tears to flow. Something beyond the natural.

I grew up knowing, but i really never knew until then, when my heart was changed. Since that day i have learned to live, not as my heart desires, but in submission to something greater. I have learned to look at life not just as it is,  but to find the deeper meaning of everything and embrace each moment while it lasts, and this has opened my eyes to the fact that,  to all things there is a purpose, and this purpose must be fulfilled.

I have learned to live without a care, to smile when my heart is breaking, to forgive the worst and to expect nothing from man. I have learned to let go of trying to control my circumstances and the things that overwhelm me, I choose to  look at the brighter side of life at all times because i know whom i have believed and am persuaded beyond reason that he is able. It’s no longer i who lives, it is not my life anymore and it never was in the first place.